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Prioritizing Health and Safety

Although physically apart, participants across the country have continued to deepen their Taoist Tai Chi® practice at home. Many participants have come together online to practice chanting and to share the teachings of Society. We have also come together to discuss our learning on a local, regional and national level.

When we are ready to physically be together again, our practice at home will have helped us cultivate our strength, balance, calm, resilience, compassion and joy.

Our practice also helps us find patience. We are aware that the COVID-19 situation continues to develop and can change rapidly. We will always make the safety of the entire community as well as all our participants our highest priority, particularly as there are many who are vulnerable. Due to this we will take our time before resuming activities.

We are working diligently every day to develop and care for our organization. This year is our 50th anniversary and over the years we have built a solid foundation. When the time comes that we are physically together again, we look forward to being stronger than ever.

Materials to Spend Time with

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