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The Dragon's Head Blog: Weekend Program – International Center Florida

Letting the light in and throwing out the trash! (from our bodies of course)

Participants at the 2 day International workshop at International Center Florida learning anti-aging methods like loading up and elbows down. The circulation was moving as spines were turning.

We worked on our cardiovascular health, and full body chain of motion. The weekend started with a video from our website and Youtube called Taoist Tai Chi Arts and

anti-aging. The video talked about how this art is actually helping to the cellular level.

Participant Brian Lau said, “mechanical loading and stretching of the tissues of the body, stimulates anti-aging pathways in the cells as practiced in Taoist Tai Chi.”

A wonderful workshop was had by all with Debbie Gates as coordinator and Sarasota Branch bringing the help…even the cook team led by Debbie Azeff.

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