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The Dragon's Head Blog: Toledo, Ohio Celebrates 25 Years

On the weekend of May 29-30 the Toledo, OH USA branch celebrated their 25 years of practicing the Taoist Tai Chi® Arts by having a weekend of activity. On Friday evening we started by doing a round of 108 Move Sets, then we enjoyed a delicious Chinese meal. On Saturday we continued doing Sets until we reached 25 sets. Over 70 people participated by doing anywhere from 1 set to many more over the course of the 2 days. Mixed into the agenda was our Annual Branch Meeting with some useful conversations about “what next?”. Another part of the celebration included holding a Chinese Raffle. For every set performed, the participant received one raffle ticket. It was a festive time and the 25 sets were concluded by sharing some sparkling grape juice. We are looking forward to many more years of good health and good practice.

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