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The Dragon's Head Blog: Saturday Nov 26: The Tiger’s Mouth in Italy


On Saturday November 26, 2016 “The Tiger’s Mouth” took place, an event that was held in our clubhouse in Florence and was attended by members from all Italian branches, non-members, doctors and health professionals. It was an important opportunity for all to share experiences and information.

Gianluigi Occhipinti, rheumatologist, although not be present, made available the results of the research he coordinated in 2010 “White Crane Spreads its Wings”, a collaborative project of  ATMaR (the Tuscan  Association for Rheumatic Diseases) and the Italian Taoist Tai Chi Association. The project illustrates the benefits of Taoist Tai Chi in relation to rheumatic diseases in terms of reduction of pain perception, general improvement of quality of life and interpersonal skills.

Paola Tedeschini Lalli, cardiologist and instructor of the Taoist Tai Chi Association, presented the results of research done in Asia providing evidence of the healing power of tai chi.

Sarah Taddeo physiotherapist at the Tuscany Health Center, professor of physiotherapy at the School of Human Health Sciences, Florence and instructor of the Taoist Tai Chi Association, explained the mechanisms by which tai chi improves balance and reduces the risks of falling.

A welcome guest, Dr. Gianni Marotta, homeopath and a long-time student of integrative medicine, founder and director of the CIMI (Integrated Medical Centre) in Rome, shared his thoughts on how tai chi can be an effective tool to complement a course of treatment to favor the recovery of the health of mind, body and spirit.

Finally, some members gave witness of the positive effects of the practice of Taoist Tai Chi® on their health. It was as exciting and joyful moment.

Opening to the outside world is always an important moment that creates roots, awareness and confidence in our path of the way and practice of Taoist Tai Chi®.

The atmosphere was peaceful, friendly and fun, with a rich buffet, prepared by members, offered as a fitting conclusion to a successful event.

Finally, satisfied with the result and happy for the shared work, we said goodbye with the best wish we could give to ourselves and to the participants:


A heartfelt thanks to the speakers and to all who came.


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