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The Dragon's Head Blog: Sibling Harmony

Reflections on the 8 Virtues: Sibling Harmony

To live at peace as brothers and sisters – Respectful of others

The Confucian virtue of Sibling Harmony counsels us to live in peace with our brothers and sisters and to be respectful.

Following the death of my older brother, this virtue was of key importance for me.  Despite my grief at losing my older brother too quickly, as his executor, I had to settle his affairs.

I had to put into practice what I heard in our teachings at the Fung Loy Kok Institute of Taoism, not to worry and not to get lost in turmoil.

Taking care of our loved ones after their death makes sense.

My understanding of the virtue of sibling harmony helped me to do the task well.  Without arrogance and with the intention of acting from the heart, I had to make decisions for my brother who had left some grey areas in his will. I was able to distribute and liquidate his assets without getting derailed by the gossip swirling around me.

I think I acted with respect and a good sense of fairness to maintain harmony with the members of my family.

I was able to do this because of the teachings encouraging us to let go, not to worry and to trust


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