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The Dragon's Head Blog: Senior intensive and guided city tour

On July 5th,  the first activity of 2018 organised by the seniors committee of The Netherlands took place in Haarlem. A city walk with a surprise treat at the end of the tour was planned after the Intensive in the morning followed by a pot luck lunch.

Over thirty members from different locations started the day with an intensive and most of them joined for the walk and took the bus to the city centre. In the morning at tea break, there was a story about taking care for elderly people and how Master Moy always took special care of seniors. Some wondered: “Am I a senior?”

In the afternoon we all enjoyed this wonderful tour, guided by enthusiastic members through the city of Haarlem. Stories were told, places of interest pointed out, we stopped for a  nice view or read a poem on a particular place. The surprise treat was a lovely ice cream for everyone.

Senior or senior in training; we all felt like a kid on a school trip again!



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