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The Dragon's Head Blog: Richness of reflections from day 5 of the 10-day International Program, Bayswater National Centre

On day 5 of our wonderful 10-day international program, participants went into small groups to reflect on the following two questions. The first question was, ‘What did we learnt about Lok Hup that wasn’t about where to put arms and legs?’ Some of the thoughts and reflections were:

* Be happy with what you have learnt, and be patient with what you haven’t yet got the hang of.
* Having a greater appreciation that the first half of Lok Hup creates space, and the second half uses the space.
* Your body knows the harmonic motion, allow water in the barrel to slosh.
* There is a continuous pump up and down.
* When you’ve learnt Lok Hup before and then you realize you don’t know Lok Hup.

The second question was, ‘What have we learnt about our organization during the workshop?’ Reflections included:

* A new appreciation of the creativity and courage in the early days. The strong determination and persistence of Master Moy to develop both a long-term and a short-term vision for making the Taoist Tai Chi® arts available in the Western world.
* An appreciation for the unique set of circumstances and series of serendipitous events that brought Taoist Tai Chi® arts to Australia.
* There are so many layers, everyone can choose a path and find a way within the organization. The organization is dynamic, ever-changing and alive.
* The longevity of our organization is because we are true to Master Moy’s Aims and Objectives, giving it longevity and respect.
* How important chanting and meditation are to a workshop.
* The organization of the kitchen and food preparation, using detailed planning and clear instructions, enables many volunteers to work together in harmony. It is all part of looking after each other.
* The whole is greater than the sum of the parts and workshops enable us to get a better understanding of why and how we do things.
* Leaders have heart and humility; from a small seed a large tree has grown. Our leaders strive to preserve and continue what Master Moy gave us.

These reflections will continue as we start the next 5 days of this exciting 10-day international program in Bayswater, Western Australia, exploring a rich range of internal arts including Lok Hup Ba Fa, Taoist Tai Chi® arts, chanting and meditation.

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