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The Dragon's Head Blog: Propriety

Reflections on the 8 Virtues: Propriety
Courtesy – Politeness – Decorum – Manners

The Confucian virtue, propriety, “encompasses good conduct, good manners, and courtesy.”

I am a polite person who likes to get along with everyone and is always willing to help.

However, sometimes I feel like I’m being too nice, always trying to please, bending over backwards to blend in, and perhaps as a result, I have become frustrated and developed low self-esteem.

Practicing Fung Loy Kok Taoist Tai Chi® arts helps me to be more balanced. I have never worked with so many people who are passionate and care deeply about what they do. There is a real sense of mutual support.

I’m learning to care for others in a way that also leaves room for me to care for myself. This helps me build more meaningful relationships in my professional and personal life. 

I am also learning how to be stronger and to contribute to balanced relationships.  Recently, by expressing my opinion in an honest and respectful manner about something that made me uncomfortable at work, I was able to restore some harmony among my colleagues and ultimately contribute to a more healthy work environment. In the past, I would have kept quiet in order to fit in.

The virtue of Propriety helps me to bring harmony to my relationships with others, and also within myself. 


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