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The Dragon's Head Blog: National Program in the Dark

On September 22nd and 23rd, the Ottawa Branch held a national program led by John Huang. This was a weekend to remember, as the night before the program began, several tornadoes hit the Ottawa area. Fortunately, the Branch Centre was not affected apart from losing power.

The FLK community spirit quickly began to shine, and volunteers started working to come up with a plan to host and feed over 100 participants without electricity. Everyone worked together with smiles and laughter, and the program was a wonderful success.


On the Saturday evening, we took advantage of the darkness for a candlelit story-telling session where John shared stories of Master Moy.

The program leader focused on creating internal connection in the body, as this creates circulation that promotes healing. We played with dan-yus and tor-yus, and watched them transform over the course of the program. Many participants felt these become far lighter and more comfortable as the weekend went on.

We enjoyed delicious meals and gave a warm standing ovation to those working in the kitchen for having fed over 100 people in a blackout.

The program finished with a beautiful set where we moved together and coiled on every move. Tired but joyful, it was time to go home after a weekend of candlelit fun, hard work and exemplary volunteer spirit, taking care of one another.

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