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The Dragon's Head Blog: Ireland celebrates the Grand Opening of our new International Centre in Dunedin

Taichiathon in Carrick
Taichiathon in Carrick

An autumn day, November 3rd and … the 6th Taichiathon in Ireland. This time the Taichiathon went on tour and was hosted  by our Carrick-on-Shannon branch. Participants from all over Ireland — some who have been practising Taoist Tai Chi® for years, some who have not even finished a beginner class — came along to enjoy this event together and to fundraise for our new International Centre in Florida. Eight hours of practice, from early morning to late afternoon, were complimented by wonderful food, a relaxed atmosphere and lots of good conversation.

Have look here:

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  1. fantastic video! The flow of the tai chi interspersed with scenes of your beautiful Carrick-on Shannon is so well integrated, its wonderful to watch

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