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The Dragon's Head Blog: International Workshop in Frankfurt


On a cool but fortunately sunny spring weekend an international workshop with 70 participants from five countries took place in Frankfurt.

This year we were able to rent the rooms of the Waldorf School in Frankfurt. This gave us the opportunity to have all in one place. A large gym, a separate dining area and sleeping spaces in two classrooms offered the feeling of a center for practicing Taoist Tai Chi® arts.  The kitchen was well equipped with professional equipment. In combination with our mobile wok stations tasty dishes were prepared. A team of two from Germany and Switzerland completed it with German / Swiss laissez-faire.

With Carmen Capilla as leading instructor we were able to discover a new direction: the fifth dimension or the center! In the center and through the center and with the center she led us through the set. Using many clear examples and numerous detailed explanations we experienced a-ha effects to take with us back to our locations as homework.

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