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The Dragon's Head Blog: International Programme, Gatton, Queensland

That great Australian expression “No worries” came into its own during the International Programme held at the University of Queensland Gatton campus from 17 – 21 July 2019. More than 230 members from across Australia, New Zealand and the US enjoyed a residential retreat in peaceful rural surrounds that are just perfect for ‘letting go’.
We were challenged to “embrace change” through an unfamiliar (for many) approach to the moves. The idea of ‘tai chi without arms’ helped emphasise the key concept of turning the spine and allowing the arms to just come along for the ride. We are all familiar with being asked “How does it feel?” and this workshop really brought home the value of noticing the way moves feel – on the inside. 
We heard many stories of Master Moy and the Society that helped us understand the place of virtues in our training. And we appreciated the opportunity to practise some of the other Taoist Arts that Mr Moy taught us, including some chanting and the first several moves of the Lok Hup Ba Fa set, noticing that the same principles of moving the body in the tai chi apply equally in Lok Hup.
We are all looking forward to the coming 50th Anniversary. We reviewed version 10 of the Anniversary Planning Document and made plans for 50 Open Classes in 50 locations in Australia as part of the celebration. We can hardly wait. 

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