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The Dragon's Head Blog: International Program Report from Prague, Czech Republic

Annually the very first international workshop in Europe is held in Prague. Although a tough winter welcomed more than 200 members from nine countries, the atmosphere was very warm and everybody was enjoying the deeper practise of foundations led by Carmen Capilla. Encouraging advice like shiiiift the weight, relaaaaaax, smiiiiile and enjooooooy guided us during the whole weekend. What a surprise to realize there were more than 20 members who had not yet finished a beginner autumn course and had already joined this worskhop. Sharing in groups like How and why we started our tai chi and Why we still keep practising it on Saturday evening resulted in lots of touching stories. On Sunday the majority of us joined the morning chanting which was devoted to Anne Duus (the president of TTCS in Denmark) and her memory, which was very emotional. More practise accompanied by the sun behind windows peacefully led us to the end of an amazing weekend of Taoist Tai Chi® arts. What a perfect start to the Year of Rooster.


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