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The Dragon's Head Blog: International Program in Costa Rica

Last month we celebrated our two-day international program in Costa Rica that included participants from the Czech Republic, Great Britain and the United States of America.

We’re in opposite sides of the world but it’s the same training, and we share some of the same mistakes as well!

The workshop is different than what we’re used to; it has a different timing,  a perfect timing. When doing wave hands like clouds I could feel a strong connection between the hands and the spine, the hands being a mirror and my eyes softly looking out, feeling total harmony.

A phrase that stuck to me was “it is enough”; not to overdo anything or try to make it happen.

Fifteen years ago in Orangeville I experienced chanting for the first time. It was so exhausting! So today I was afraid of the experience, but for the first time someone spoke about principles and it felt very nice; a lot of movement. This is the main reason why this program has been so important for me: I’ll be going back to Orangeville in May and there will be chanting. And I need it.
  — Petra Kucerová, Czech Republic

For many this was their first experience doing chanting

The softer and slower the movement, the more profound it can be. The smaller the ball between the hands, without closing of course, keeping my centre within the cylinder, the greater the expansion!

The programs allow you to open your mind to capture the details.

There are fractions of seconds where the mind goes completely still… and you feel the benefits.

After the explanation about kneeling when doing chanting, I got motivated to do it even with back pain. It was relaxing and I could feel a pleasant hot bubbling sensation in my stomach, it was a very nice sensation. 
  — Hazel Chavez, Costa Rica

Chanting sutras

I can see the softness in everyone, in everything. It is a consequence of the soft gaze into the horizon that we have experienced this weekend.
 — Marielos Murillo, Costa Rica


Lots of learning. I had never heard about so many connections.
 — Clarissa Esquivel, Costa Rica

Participants practicing the set both standing and seated

It was an amazing opportunity to understand how essential the elements of softness and simplicity are when taking care of people, especially seniors and those who have health challenges. Many times the environment created by the softness and stillness is more important than the movements, as it invites healing from deep inside and allows the movements to be more efficient. 
  — Carlos Paniagua, Costa Rica

Presenting the red envelope

The warmth and friendliness I felt from the first moment I stepped through the door and was greeted by fellow members felt like family, home away from home!

All of your hearts that opened up to me as you welcomed me into your Costa Rican family and shared some of your innermost feelings, and to this I will always be eternally grateful. I’d like to finally say that a piece of my heart will stay with you all here in your beautiful country.
  — Kelly Frost, Great Britain

The Costa Rica members express deep appreciation to the FLK Board for the program and supporting us with the costs of constitution revisions and to Pegoty for guiding us


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