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The Dragon's Head Blog: I’m grateful to the Society

I am 75 years old. I have been doing tai chi for seven years, but a year ago I had to stop attending classes because I am taking care of my husband, with senile dementia.

Thanks to the years that I have been doing tai chi, today I can say that I am doing quite well. It is hard but I have serenity, understanding and knowing how to be in the most difficult moments. This has been given to me by Taoist Tai Chi, and nothing else.

When I started seven years ago, I had been taking care of my mother with the same disease and also my mother-in-law until they passed away. I was always very anxious and nervous, I didn’t know how to control myself.

Since I have been doing tai chi I am a new person. You don’t need a psychologist or take pills, I say it from my experience. This is the best thing I could have done.

I stopped attending classes, and I haven’t been practicing by myself, but my instructor keeps encouraging me to do it, even if it is just the foundations. My hopes are not gone, my duty now is to take care of my husband. Better times will come but I still have serenity, temperance and affection to give.

I am very grateful to the organization and its incredible, caring people, I have no words to thank for the good they have done to me and to have found a landscape of peace. That is the feeling that Taoist Tai Chi has given me.

I encourage everybody to try so they can discover it, and see that what I say is not a lie or fantasy, it is pure reality.

Salvi, Madrid, Spain

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