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The Dragon's Head Blog: Ireland’s First Beginner Weekend

In June of this year, during our International Workshop in Ballina, a seed was sown as a result of a conversation with our Norwegian colleagues. The conversation was about Beginner Weekends. Inspired by Norway’s success we began to plan! A few months later after many helpful emails from the Society in Norway we held our very first Beginner Weekend here in Ireland. The venue was our National Centre in Ballina. Twenty two people participated. We had ten helpers who worked very hard throughout the weekend. The advice was: longer sequences; not so much detail; no talking. We had our map of how to manage the weekend. Our focus in teaching was balance, and relaxation. We encouraged the group to have fun. The beginners began to feel the flow in the set. They heard the ‘tune’.

Thank you so much to the Norwegian team for your inspiration. This is the first of many more Beginner Weekends.

Beginner Weekend Ballina

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