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The Dragon's Head Blog: First Taoist Tai Chi™ retreats in Europe since the pandemic

First Taoist Tai Chi™ retreats in Europe since the pandemic

A sequence of Taoist Tai Chi™ retreats were held in the Southern European Center in Madrid. 

Participants from all over Europe gathered together and shared Mr Moy’s teachings about the Tao.

The hall was alive with the vibrant joy of meeting old and new friends and sharing all we have learned about his teachings through online Saturday sessions over the last two and a half years. It was amazing to be back in-person and have the opportunity to explore the  depth of his teachings together.

A rich tapestry of stories relating to the practise of his teachings was gradually weaved as participants shared their experiences. Many shared stories about how his teachings have helped them to let go and improve their lives.

Together we practised finding balance, letting go and using the ground force through the 108 moves, the tor-yu and the morning chanting. The feeling deepened throughout the week. Practicing together brought a lot of energy to the group and helped us on our path to follow Mr Moy’s teachings and along with discussion and stories, helped us understand how to bring them more into our daily lives. 

We also got the opportunity to celebrate 40 years of Mr Moy’s teachings in Spain and the 10 year anniversary of the Three Deities Shrine in the Southern European Centre here in Madrid. The story of how his teachings came to Spain was inspiring to hear. 

A member, who is a retired baker, made a beautiful celebratory cake for us to enjoy.

We are grateful to the Fung Loy Kok board for making this opportunity available to us and providing insights that allow us to go deeper.

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