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The Dragon's Head Blog: First International Workshop in Switzerland

On June 27-28, we had the opportunity to hold a first international workshop in Switzerland. We feel really privileged to have had the chance to experience such a nice adventure. Thank you!

From the very beginning, the workshop planning conveyed a nice “working together” and “helping each other” spirit within the organization team. Very rapidly, this little team started to grow and many members throughout Switzerland helped out. As the workshop was getting closer, we invested more time and work and, it all became more and more fun. Excitement was at its highest point when we could finally welcome 118 participants joining from 11 different countries. Many of them had welcomed us in their own countries for some years and it was really nice to be allowed to return the favor.

For a good number of Swiss participants, it was their first international workshop. They were inspired and enjoyed tasting the many different things Master Moy brought to us with Taoist Tai Chi: Promoting with a public demonstration on a nice sunny day, lots of foundation exercises, chanting, helping out with running the event, chopping vegetables, cooking together, enjoying good food and meeting people from different countries in a nice atmosphere. Our leader Carmen Capilla and co-leaders Kerstin Gummelt and Martina Pavlovicova surely helped us provide this easy-going and harmonious atmosphere. Actually, Carmen’s favorite sentence was “no rush, relax, enjoy and smile”. These four little words kept coming back and a new member pointed out:” This says everything. It sounds easy and at the same time contains all the difficulty to be found in the practice of Taoist Tai Chi”. Still, it really worked because everyone left the workshop with a nice smile.



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  1. Fabulous! Congratulations on your first of many! We heard about this successful event also at CIT week in Canada. Thank you for all of your work and good team effort.

  2. I have gone to a few workshops here in Sudbury, Ontario, Canada, and I find them marvelous. Actually, we now call then programs instead of workshops. The comraderie and the knowledge shared allows you to leave at the end of the day, with a feeling of great satisfaction. And of course, the food is fantastic!

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