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The Dragon's Head Blog: Feeling more like the me I used to be

I notice that, on the days when I have been doing the foundations, I feel driven to get up and do more the next day. When I miss out days, I have less energy to get back to it. I have also tried this week to limit myself to stop each move before I get tired, rather than push through it. As to the sets, I am aware of increasing fluidity aligned to the increased flexibility from regular foundations. This impacts on moving around in general and even standing up straighter. I am aware of how much younger my body feels every time I go to do anything physical; I don’t feel as though I am sinking into decrepit old age as much as before the Dan Yu challenge, and take pleasure in the surprise of the ease and flexibility of my movements compared to before.

I just love it. Pure and simple.

Mentally, I think it has helped in many ways by letting me feel more like the me I used to be, and therefore bolstering my confidence in my own ability to be strong and in command of what I can achieve. Clem

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