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The Dragon's Head Blog: Experiences from the International Program in Tauranga, New Zealand, October 2018

84 people attended this amazing workshop.  One participant said that she had gained a deeper understanding of the form and why the moves are done the way they are.  There was much talk of tailbones and intention, circles and standing straight.  Participants described it as the friendliest gathering they have ever attended, and a couple of our Australian visitors particularly enjoyed the ginger crunch, saying they keep coming to workshops in New Zealand because of the baking.

One first-timer to workshops felt a bit confused and overwhelmed at first, but found that the small group practice helped to cut it all down into small pieces and she was able to make sense of it all.  She said that it was inspiring watch senior instructors demonstrate the moves, and felt that she was beginning to see the inter-connectivity in the moves.

The Greerton rugby club-rooms were an ideal venue for the workshop, with plenty of room and inspiring views over a large field fringed by a beautiful stream and large trees.  Several participants said that they appreciated all the behind-the-scenes work going on, organising each day, as well as making sure the billeting, transport, food, cleaning, and the dozens of other jobs got done.  Everyone enjoyed meeting new friends and catching up with old ones, working and learning together in a friendly and welcoming environment.

As one participant put it, the international workshop felt like another step on the journey of a thousand miles.  While we know we have a lot of work to do, everyone felt privileged to be guided along the path by such esteemed instructors.  Thank you to our visitors from other countries for coming to New Zealand to lead this wonderful workshop.

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