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The Dragon's Head Blog: Day 4 CIT Week at International Center Florida

More comments from CIT week participants…

Enlightening- Anonymous

After four days of the workshop my body has already reset. – Willy van de Sman

Perfect weather, perfect workshop, perfect food, perfect instruction. – An Oregonian

I am loving the workshop. My brain wants to explode but I don’t want it to explode. I want to continue to learn. – Shelley Peeples

Thank you from the bottom of my spine. – Matt Stafford

I feel uplifted. – Karen Kiebart

I feel physically and emotionally renovated. – Jesus Esquivel

Tony’s demos are the greatest. – Susan Matthews

When I came my back hurt, it doesn’t now. – Mike Leigh

The sciatica that I have been going to the physical therapy for is now gone. – Jocie Hooper

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