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The Dragon's Head Blog: Communicating vessels

Last fall, I was asked to lead an LIT session. I felt very agitated inside. The group included several long-time participants, Branch Council members and experienced leaders in training. It was also a session I attended before the pandemic. How was I going to address these people who have been practicing Taoist Tai Chi® arts for twenty or thirty years, when I only began this practice a few years ago? 

I felt out of place, but I had to dive in and quickly pull myself together. Instead of cluttering the session with my discomfort, I needed to let go and allow everyone to enjoy the benefits of the practice itself. I then remembered that when someone is given a responsibility, it is to provide them with new learning opportunities and to allow them to expand their vision by getting them to see things from another perspective. It was the opportunity to practice letting go of my own self: it’s not about me.

By the third time, I took time to settle down and dust myself off before going into the session. How can I best help the group? Formulating the question completely reversed my perspective on the situation. Guiding this experienced group was actually a gift. Instead of seeing the vast experience of the participants as something intimidating, it was more beneficial to see it as a help. Changing perspective was not just about changing my place in the room (sic).

By changing my mindset, I was able to see the bright side of the coin. I have become aware of the importance of taming my heart to let go of worries and allow Master Moy’s teachings to flow; let them do their work. I perceive the opening of the heart as a door through which they pass. When trust is becoming palpable in the room, I feel that his teachings flow through our heart-to-heart connections. There seems to be permanent communicating vessels in all directions. It is together that we transform. 


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