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The Dragon's Head Blog: Celebrating Chinese New Year in Winnipeg, Canada

The Winnipeg branch celebrated Chinese New Year on February 24th, 2018 at a local Chinese restaurant. Nearly ninety of us enjoyed nine different Chinese dishes of delicious food which left us extremely full.  However we managed to find room for the oranges and custard tarts for dessert.  

The master of ceremonies shared many of the different attributes of those born in the Year of the Dog which were all very interesting and made us all laugh. There were four draws, one for someone who was born in the Year of the Dog. All of the prizes included an adorable stuffed dog. There was a gift exchange which was executed to the story of a dog on an excursion with many left, right, and across turns. The gifts made many trips left, right, and across the tables and then across the dining room.

It was a very relaxing and enjoyable evening visiting with fellow participants and guests. We are looking forward to next year’s Chinese New Year’s banquet!


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