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The Dragon's Head Blog: Awareness Day in Italy

In October we celebrated Taoist Tai Chi Awareness Day in the beautiful Piazza del Popolo, in Rome.<em>Taoist Tai Chi</em> ItalyIt was a glorious sunny day and we had the opportunity to meet many persons.  We exchanged information and invited people to try the art, right there in the square.  And also in the four cities where we have clubs.<em>Taoist Tai Chi</em> ItalyFive members, who had registered only a few days before, joined us and — having invited them to stay in the very middle of the group — they actually did do the whole set.  It was fun, playful and, besides being an honor for us, was quite encouraging for them.<em>Taoist Tai Chi</em> Italy The online edition of a major national newspaper, La Repubblica, covered the event with a video and short interviews.  So, besides the many who met us in Piazza del Popolo, a number of online readers actually got to know of the Taoist Tai Chi Society and the arts we practice with its  attendant benefits.Here is the link to the video: <em>Taoist Tai Chi</em> Italy <em>Taoist Tai Chi</em> ItalyWe are glad to share this with members from around the world, feeling more and more how we all belong to a single family.

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