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The Dragon's Head Blog: All Souls Festival – Reflections

Many participants have reflected on their experiences during the recent All Souls Festival celebrations. Below are some of the comments received on Facebook.

I feel the All Souls Festival is a time of special connection for us with our ancestors and ALL souls. And feeling it so strongly now, that the connection carries on throughout the year. I feel humbled by this feeling. Thank you.


Thank you for the peace and harmony through the message of this post. Helping us through sorrow after the loss of a really kind friend. Helping to find joy and the value of the daily moments. 


Thank you for the enlightening talks about the importance and significance of the All Souls Festival.


Much caring, dedication and working together making for a very successful All Souls Festival! I participated on Zoom but certainly felt like I was part of it. I experienced the peace from the chanting and felt I had helped with the intention of the Festival. Thank you to all!!


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