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The Dragon's Head Blog: A journey starts with a single step…TRUST!

I’ve been doing Taoist Tai Chi for nearly 3 years and it’s the only thing I’ve found that really helps with my fibromyalgia symptoms, so during the pandemic it’s been important to keep up regular practice on my own. The weekly Zoom calls with my class have been very helpful with motivation to keep practising, as well as trying to incorporate the principles into everyday life, such as has listening to the advice from the Fung Loy Kok Directors during their inspirational talks on Saturdays.

I experienced an example of this a couple of weeks ago when I went with my husband to visit my mother-in-law’s memorial stone in Cornwall. This stone is set halfway up a very steep bank in a churchyard which gets overgrown with brambles and ferns, so it is difficult to find. I find this a struggle with my painful legs and poor balance and usually leave it to my husband and the kids to go up, but this time I was determined to go. After an initial panic I said to myself “No – remember, TRUST!” and I placed one foot down and dropped the weight into it and felt balanced while I found a secure footing for the other foot, and went on like this till I found I could go up and down the slope no problem! So thank you to the Society!

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