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The Dragon's Head Blog: Weight Shifting – Enjoying the Edinburgh International Workshop

Under Carmen Capilla's watchful eye and gentle instruction the International Workshop in Edinburgh, 03-04 September, managed to pack in quite a lot into two days. Starting to put out the breakfast things ... while the world sleeps ... cooking the bacon .... ready for an instructor meeting over breakfast ... [gallery type="slideshow" size="large" ids="6263,6262,6264,6265"] Morning chanting ... participants and volunteers chopping vegetables ... tai chi practice of course ... "how does it feel" and feedback ... snack break ... [gallery type="slideshow" size="large" ids="6246,6255,6251,6247,6249"] Serving lunch ... washing up after lunch ... [gallery type="slideshow" size="large" ids="6257,6259"] Eating dinner together ... clearing up after dinner - an evening session considering "What do we understand by helping others and how do we apply this?"... closing the workshop ... [gallery type="slideshow" size="large" ids="6253,6260,6261,6252"] And through it all, the refrain of weight shifting ... and enjoy. We do, thank you. 

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