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The Dragon's Head Blog: Portland, Oregon Branch Participates at Tea Festival

The Portland, Oregon branch was invited to do demonstrations and teach the first few moves at Portland’s first tea festival.  TeaFest PDX was a huge success drawing a full capacity crowd.  We found it easy to smile as we demoed for these happy festivalgoers.  They gave us a great location, the weather was hot and sunny with a nice breeze, and there was a constant stream of upbeat tea enthusiasts of all ages.  We did constant demos from 9:30 AM to 4 PM, taught the moves to 18 curious tea lovers, handed out brochures and class information, served pu-ehr tea and talked about how Master Moy chose it for its health enhancing properties.  Oh yes, a couple of Taoist Tai Chiers from Tallahassee, FL stopped by our booth to say hello.

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