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The Dragon's Head Blog: Workshop Report from Portland, Oregon

Dozens of Portland participants were joined by those flying in from Alaska, Texas, and California, as well as driving from the corners of the Portland Branch (Newport and Oregon City in Oregon/Seattle and Vancouver in Washington) for a total of 97 tai chiers not counting the amazing Portland kitchen team which provided us with delicious and satisfying meals.  During the weekend we received training in several of the Fung Loy Kok Taoist Tai Chi® arts passed on to us by Master Moy.  Each morning began with chanting and seated meditation.  We noticed the special quietness of the first set following the chanting and meditation.  Work on toryus emphasized coiling, spiraling, and weight shifting (110%).  We felt the changes in our sets and in our bodies as we endeavored to apply the 110% weight shifting, coiling and spiraling throughout the set.  Storytime Saturday evening deepened our appreciation of Master Moy’s own journey and the realization of his vision of making these Taoist Tai Chi® arts available to all.  During storytime we also gained a deeper understanding of how the society has grown and developed including the ongoing work of the “first generation”.  Eating, working and practicing together deepened bonds of friendship and drew us more deeply into an understanding of the many ways in which we benefit from The Taoist Tai Chi society, Master Moy’s amazing gift to us.

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