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The Dragon's Head Blog: Holiday Gala in Portland, Oregon

snowmanFor over a decade the Portland branch has enjoyed a holiday gala including a festive meal and intensive.  This year 140 participants enjoyed a meal with delicious entrees from the branch kitchen plus mouthwatering potluck sides, salads and desserts.  The windowsill snowmen from our first "Make a Snowman Contest" (no real snow allowed) were honored with a spirited choral rendition of Frosty The Snowman.  Following a record time cleanup, 80 of us stayed for an intensive.  We worked hard on don-yus and tor-yus leaving behind all of the calories we had consumed.  All in all a great way to kick off the holiday season.  So, if you ever happen to be in Portland the first Saturday in December, join us for this fun event.[gallery type="rectangular" size="medium" ids="7173,7172,7171,7170,7169,7168,7167"] 

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