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The Dragon's Head Blog: Participating at the Peace and Justice Fair in Vancouver, Washington

For the 12th year, the Vancouver, Washington, USA location of the Portland branch participated in the Vancouver Peace and Justice Fair.  It was bigger and better than ever with over 100 exhibitors and a steady stream of visitors to our booth.  The day began with our regular Saturday continuing class being held at the Bell Tower in the park with over 20 participants from Vancouver and Portland taking turns staffing the booth and participating in the class.  We offered free intro classes, demoed throughout the day and enjoyed visits from the peace dove and a tyrannosaurus rex.  This is Vancouver’s biggest demo every year and produces a reliable stream of new participants.  It is a long but fun and energizing day with set up beginning before 7 am and take-down starting at 4 pm.  We enjoy being in the park together, taking breaks to visit other booths, sampling the foods at the adjacent farmers’ market, listening to the musicians on the stage and mingling with a congenial group of exhibitors and visitors to this upbeat event.

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