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The Dragon's Head Blog: International Seniors’ Day in Portland, Oregon

The Portland, Oregon branch honored seniors with a breakfast and intensive on the morning of Sunday, October 1st.  Our fabulous kitchen team presented a first-class breakfast to 90 participants and guests including many from senior activity and residential centers where we hold external classes. Volunteers created beautiful tables with lovely bouquets and our resident technical expert was successful in linking us to the international video.  For the first half of the video everyone was seated at the breakfast tables and paid rapt attention, laughing (at appropriate moments) and enjoying themselves.   The program shifted to a local focus during which we heard some personal presentations from seniors who practice at our branch and a brief presentation from a local chiropractor who mentioned the high level of body awareness he has observed among those who practice Taoist Tai Chi® arts.  Participants described the physical and mental health benefits they have received from embarking on the Fung Loy Kok Taoist Tai Chi® path and they emphasized the safe and healing aspects of the community.  The second half of the international video was played while breakfast cleanup and preparations for the intensive were underway.  Despite these distractions many participants gathered around the screen and closely watched every minute until the end.  At least 80 participated in the intensive including several who had come as guests and never practiced before.

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