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The Dragon's Head Blog: National Workshop in Portland, Oregon

On the weekend of April 15th and16 the Portland branch had the privilege to host a national workshop led by Karen Laughlin.  There were 106 participants including travelers from Canada, New York, Texas, Arizona, Montana, Colorado, Alaska, Arizona and California.  Smiling participants listened intently as we were guided through the foundation exercises emphasizing turning, stretching, rising and dropping under the umbrella of balance.  Later we applied these concepts to lightening and deepening our practice of specific moves such as Parting Wild Horse’s Mane.
Throughout the workshop Karen emphasized the dual cultivation of body, mind and spirit.  The second day of the workshop included chanting and “storytime”.  Karen shared both personal experiences with Master Moy and her deep knowledge of the history of the society which increased our understanding and appreciation of the amazing gift passed to us from Master Moy.  She also read excerpts from the Path of Dual Cultivation book to teach us about The Immortal Lu.  Participants actively engaged with Karen asking many questions about both the history and current activities of the society.  During breaks in instruction we enjoyed the Portland sunshine, ample snacks, delicious food and the good company of old and new friend from near and far.

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