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The Dragon's Head Blog: Ithaca, New York Celebrates Earth Day

Participants from the TTCS Ithaca, New York branch chose Earth Day to perform a clean-up of Hayes Rd as part of Tompkins County’s Adopt-A-Highway program.  Cleaning litter from the side of the roadway serves as a real hands-on way to address one of the objectives of the Taoist Tai Chi Society, namely, to help others .  The spring and fall clean-up also provides for good camaraderie in the branch. The Finger Lakes region is beautiful and with some light labor we do our part in a small way to give back to the community while we enjoy the scenery.  Participating in the event brings a real sense of accomplishment and well-being for ourselves and others.  Every time we are out cleaning people stop and thank us. You know it’s very sincere, as these citizens are not obliged to stop, but they take a moment. It’s the kind, human compassion we all try to cultivate. This is just one of the ways Master Moy’s guidance is alive and well today in the Finger Lakes.

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