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The Dragon's Head Blog: Joy, gratitude and internals at Lok Hup Week


Participants in the Taoist Tai Chi® arts at the International Centre, near Orangeville, have lots to say about this week’s Lok Hup program as they work on having fun and finding balance.
Here are just a few of their comments.
« I’m grateful for the time inside the workshop and outside of it with all the great people. »  — Justin, Canada, 1 year practising Lok Hup Ba Fa.
« I haven’t learned so much, in such a short time,  since I can’t remember when. »   Harry, USA, 5 years.
« Lok Hup makes me feel very joyful.  I have a lot of health issues and right from the beginning it makes my spine feel good.  Lok Hup has dramatically improved my circulation (warm hands, warm feet) and my tai chi. »  Sherry, Canada, 3 years.
« Instead of just learning the moves, Marsha and Sean do a masterful job of showing how the different moves feel.  Awareness of the internal movements of Lok Hup has been a revelation. »  Sean, Canada, 20 years.
« Working with the internals has taught me why I have Irritable Bowel Syndrome and how I can deal with it. »  Pat, Canada, 17 years.
« I love chipping away the rough edges from my first round of Lok Hup to a smoother, softer, more connected form. »  Ivana, Canada, 1½ years
« Nothing has worked as well for me as Lok Hup for relieving chronic hip pain resulting from past injury. »  Helene, Canada, 1 year.
« Lok Hup here at the International Centre summed up in three words – Fun, Feeling, Fantastic. ‘Go raibh mile maith agaibh’  — an Irish saying meaning a thousand thanks to Sean and Marsha. » Sadie, Ireland 5 years.
« This Lok Hup program is a transforming experience, uncovering new layers of internal work on posture, softness, balance, flow and much more.  The International Centre is truly a place where transformations happen.  Thank you to our teachers who carry on Master Moy’s work, and to all who keep the Centre flourishing. »  Peter, Australia, 19 years.

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