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The Dragon's Head Blog: International Center Florida Hosts Tampa Bay Area Participants

The International Center Florida hosted 230 participants for lunch and a tour of the facilities on April 14th.

Members of the Dunedin Branch were very busy in preparation for participants from all over the Tampa Bay area coming to Dunedin Thursday morning.

Upon arriving, participants walked the grounds outside of the construction fence around buildings A and C. They were able to see the new roof being installed on the northeast wing and new windows being installed. Pegoty Packman, USA President, was available in building D, the house on the property, to give a brief update before lunch.

Everyone met in building E for lunch and a video/presentation was given by Pegoty Packman, Jean Swantish, USA Administrator, and Robin Readon, Branch Leader / Construction Overseer. After a beautiful lunch of salmon, salad, oranges and homemade cookies, participants cleaned up, rested and then did a set. Many found time to do a little shopping on Main Street before catching the bus to return the their centers.


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