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The Dragon's Head Blog: In their own words – workshop moments and revelations


“Tell me about a Tai Chi moment at the international workshop (Wellington, New Zealand)?”

With a change in the intention of my hands when coming up in my dan-yu, the pain and stress in my lower back that I have suffered with for quite a long time was been alleviated to such an extent that I believe I will be rid of pain all together – HURRAY! –Alison

I came in with a headache, and doing the dan-yu has cleared it.  I suffer with a constant headache every month for 4-5 days – cardiovascular exercise has always exacerbated it. I’m amazed, and feeling full of hope that my pain may be much more manageable in the future. – Jodie

I get a very satisfactory sense of calm when I am moving smoothly.  I really relish the calmness and being part of a greater whole.  The psychological and spiritual side is integral to my being.  I love finding and being part of the patterns and wholeness in everything: to me it is mystical. – Merrick

Tai Chi has increased my stamina and balance, increased my social circle, a real work in progress which is going to continue for the rest of my wonderful life – Patricia

So many things going on, I can only think of the onion analogy. With layers coming off and different things changing all the time. I feel that I’m the centre of the onion and once a layer is gone I move on and don’t think about it anymore. Still Moving, Fantastic. – Karin

After a day my knee doesn’t hurt any more. I am learning to connect in a different way. Starting to loosen up so everything works much better. I have time to feel. It is so good to spend time on my own tai chi and receive instruction. I feel more open and no pain from my recent injury. I feel more open in my chest so the moves are lighter and more connected.  I like the chance to work more, deepen my practice, feel changes, and more strength and flexibility.  I could get out of the car so easily this morning! Chanting together was a wonderful start to the day, sharing with others around the world , remembering Dave Frame’s contributions to the Society. Tony’s words “Turn the hip” was a lightbulb moment for me.  When doing the tor-yu, the arms just naturally come out when I turn my hips. – Kitty

My group leader suggested I finish the hand rotation before I start coming down in the dan-yu, and suddenly I could open up much more and sit deeper.  It’s amazing how such a little change can have such a profound effect. – Joy

Taking an opportunity to ‘watch’ rather than ‘do’.  Learning to let go of the qua in my tor-yus. Noticed very subtle movement in the toes of Tony’s shoes – slight lift going down in the don-yu and flat on the floor coming up .  Has helped me with my don-yu – Jim

Tell me a way your health is supported by Taoist Tai Chi arts:

 Tai Chi sustains your ability to do all the things you want to do – Heather

I was born with spina bifeda, which meant I was in constant pain in my sacrum and spine.  This pain was so severe that it blocked out any other normal pain, so I might cut my finger and not notice it.  My Continuing instructor suggested I start doing dan-yus, holding on to the back of chairs, door knobs, etc, and my sacrum started to open up and unlock, allowing the spine to drop.  The overwhelming pain went away, and I could feel regular pain again – Joy

It slows down the aging process. – Pauline

Generally calmer and more mindfulness. Calmer more sensitive and attuned to my surroundings  Has helped overcome medical problems – recovery much quicker because of Tai Chi – Jim

Tony has given me exercises to do to improve my weak arm – arthritis in shoulder and arm – Jim

Reflux is relieved by foundation exercises – stretching and opening chest area – Sue


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