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The Dragon's Head Blog: What are we doing now that’s different?

120 people from 8 countries gathered in Colchester for a 3-day programme.

What are we doing now that’s different from what we did in beginners class?

We’re still doing Brush Knee, Wave Hands as Clouds, Partition of Wild Horse’s Mane, Fair Lady Works Shuttles, and so on; but we’re not focused on the 108 moves. « With practice, you remember without remembering ».



Andrew – « I started Taoist Tai Chi™ arts 9 years ago, and I was an old man then – I now feel about 30 years younger. »



Eva – « I’ve been doing tai chi for 2 years, and I’m starting to feel the difference between moving my arms, and having an engine in my feet. »



Joe – « Practice is like a Russian doll – make a discovery, open a lid, there’s another discovery inside waiting to be opened. »

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