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The Dragon's Head Blog: Two Awareness Day Displays in Great Britain

International Taoist Tai Chi Awareness Day is held each year to celebrate and promote the many benefits of Taoist Tai Chi ® arts of health for physical, mental and spiritual health and well-being. Members, family and friends from more than 25 countries will gather throughout the world for public demonstrations, parades and festivities.

In Great Britain, Awareness Day #1 was in Bristol, in the southwest of England, and several coaches of members from all over the country also came through for the day.





Members of the public were invited to have a go at the first few moves.


Awareness Day # 2 was in Edinburgh, Scotland.


While the Dragon went for a walk around the gardens, members practiced, and passers-by had a go.


City of Edinburgh Councillor Ron Cairns was among those who enjoyed the tranquility. He met the dragon, and addressed the assembly with a few words. Representatives from the various Great Britain branches brought greetings.



After the display everyone adjourned for tea and cake at our centre, where we were also joined by Councillor Cameron Rose.

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