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The Dragon's Head Blog: The Making of an Artistic Dragon Bike Rack- Fenway Update

Dunedin Artistic Bike Rack Collection Continues To Grow with the emergence of the Chinese dragon bike rack created by local metal artist and arc welder, Bill Coleman, in red below. Bill established the Institute of Creative Arts to support the local community. Visitors to Dunedin notice his unique bike racks all around the city. They come in the shape of a train, dogs, fish, and butterflies all along Main Street. We felt it would be most appropriate to have our Chinese Dragon created by Bill. The Dunedin Branch’s fundraising efforts became more focused with the death of one our long time volunteer who built the shrine at the Main Street location and many participants gave donations for this effort in his memory.

Our project ties in nicely with the City of Dunedin Artistic Bicycle Rack initiative which was established in 2009, to support pedestrian- and bicycle-friendly downtown areas complete with quaint stores and restaurants, like Dunedin.

Below are pictures of the scales which are welded by hand on the Dragon’s body. When complete the Dragon will be painted red….






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