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The Dragon's Head Blog: Rolling for the Fenway

The Southern Interior Branch of the Pacific Region is holding our annual Chinese New Year workshop at our Vernon, British Columbia location.  We are planning an Asian themed dinner for Saturday night and we wanted to include spring rolls.  Rather than just make enough for the workshop we decided to make a whole bunch more.  This gave us an opportunity to teach people some kitchen tai chi and also to sell the excess spring rolls as a fundraiser for the Fenway.

A very enthusiastic group got together after our Saturday morning class and in less than two hours we had 300 spring rolls ready to go.  Of course we had to sample some so we fired up the woks and put together a simple lunch with our spring rolls being the feature.

It is so encouraging to see people learn how they can integrate tai chi into their everyday lives.  We learned the technique of dropping the spine while standing to avoid fatigue and we felt the joy in supporting each other by working together in a fun, productive way.

The benefits of Taoist Tai Chi® arts are endless – and there is always good food to eat as a bonus!

Egg Rolls 300 +

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