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The Dragon's Head Blog: The Regional Workshop and the 20th Anniversary of the TTCS of Ukraine

On the last weekend of May the Regional Workshop for Central Europe took place in Lviv, Ukraine. It was led by Ankie Boumans from the Netherlands. There were 53 participants: from Hungary, Poland and Ukraine. At the beginning we worked on the foundations, paying special attention to stretching. Lots of time was dedicated to brush knees, monkeys, corners as well as subtle details of other movements useful for improving the feeling of balance. The emphasis was given to the elasticity of movements and the way to achieve this.

During the workshop Ankie gave individual corrections to people with severe health conditions. This really helped them, by practising the way they were instructed, and they are very grateful for the positive effect on their health.

The 2nd day of the workshop was finished with a good mood and a banquet dedicated to the 20th anniversary of the TTCS of Ukraine. There were congratulations and presents from friends, the Societies of different countries. Especially for this occasion, was a display with photos describing the Society’s life. At the banquet the members shared their own experience of tai chi practice and how it influenced their lives. We also had the pleasure to listen to beautiful songs performed by our talented members.

The meals were delicious and, of course, there was a Tai Chi cake with twenty candles. We really enjoyed this time together and the unforgettable emotional moments. This event is a one more piece of evidence that thanks to the great efforts of Master Moy Lin Shin we have this wonderful opportunity to practice the Taoist Tai Chi® arts and have a happy time together!

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