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The Dragon's Head Blog: Reflections on All Souls Festival from International Centre in Orangeville

29 Jul 2017 - Reflections on All Souls Festival, International Centre

It is nice that you can actually do something practical for a loved one who is no longer around; that you are still able to communicate, to have a connection with that person.

Participating together makes the festival really special; you build that connection as a group in order to help loved ones that have passed away.

I’m not a spiritual person, but the All Souls Festival helps me connect my mind and body through the actions of the chanting and the ceremony.

The festival connects beyond space and time. It allows us to care for the deceased. To relieve the suffering of those still waiting to let go, both the living and the dead.

The All Souls Festival contains the essence of the training, to be centered and selfless, joining together. It allows us to help those, that alone, we could not always reach.

There is deep stillness in the experience and no space for the self.

The All Souls Festival provides a moment to celebrate lives well lived, for those that have gone before us in the journey.

29 Jul 2017 - Reflections on All Souls Festival, International Centre

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