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The Dragon's Head Blog: Public displays in Southend, GB

A large group from the South East Essex branch of the Taoist Tai Chi Society of Great Britain gathered in Southend at the weekend, to practice Taoist Tai ChiTM Arts, and to hand out leaflets to promote the imminent Open House sessions and new Beginner courses in the branch.

Members of the general public stood to watch, while Society members chatted with them about Taoist Tai ChiTM Arts and about the Society.

Feedback on the day, and since then, from members who attended, some very new members, was that it was very enjoyable, uplifting and empowering. It was heartwarming to see a clear sense of togetherness amongst those who had been practicing for years, and those less than a year, and to see people head off together, in various groups, for coffee afterwards, ‘buzzing’ from the shared positive experience.

it is hoped that this has inspired and given confidence to many, to participate in Awareness Day, as well as start practising Taoist Tai ChiTM Arts.

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