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The Dragon's Head Blog: Intensive in Portland, Oregon

The Portland Branch was thrilled and deeply grateful to have Marsha Eberhardt stop over in Portland to conduct an intensive following her weekend workshop in Vancouver, British Columbia.  Even though the intensive took place on a Monday evening and a Tuesday morning, there was a very high turnout with many rearranging their work and family schedules to attend.  Approximately 150 participants were present for one or both of the two three-hour intensives.  Many also joined in for the two chanting sessions, a light dinner and a potluck lunch.  Participants included several who were just finishing their first beginning class and quite a few who were experiencing their very first intensive.  We appreciated Marsha’s depth of knowledge of the Taoist Tai Chi® arts, her kindness, her infectious laughter and her devotion to helping our branch continue to grow as she challenged us to expand, stretch, relax, get taller, go deeper and become lighter.  

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