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The Dragon's Head Blog: Oregon Branch hosts National Workshop

The Oregon Branch hosted a National Workshop on the weekend of March 2nd/3rd.  Western Region participants traveled from as far away as Texas and Alaska joining 2 participants from the eastcoast and many from the Oregon Branch for a total of 76. 
The focus was on toryus.  We worked on toryus in the large group, toryus in small groups, toryus in push hands and toryus in the set.  We shared our discoveries and we laughed together when corrections we had received a thousand times before suddenly made sense.  Our sets became smoother and individual form improved as we focused on those elusive basics:  patience, relaxation, remaining centered, dropping elbows, shifting weight completely, fine tuning the timing.  Our bodies changed as we practiced, practiced, practiced.
So much was packed into those 2 days!  We noticed that our sets became quieter after a chanting session.  The kitchen team provided fabulous food.  We connected with old friends and made new friends.  We received an update on the Society’s new projects and gained a better understanding of how these projects reflect Master Moy’s vision.  During « Story Time” the panel generously shared their experiences with Taoist Tai Chi® arts and gave us a glimpse of activities in other countries.  Right before our last meal together our workshop leader reached into a bowl of raffle tickets and drew the name of the winner of a week’s stay in a 3 bedroom home on Orcas Island off the coast of Washington.

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