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The Dragon's Head Blog: Lok Hup Ba Fa at Eastern Regional Centre in Longueuil, Quebec

lokhup-2 lokhup-3What a memorable weekend in early December.  It was truly extraordinary to gather together for a Lok Hup Ba Fa program under the guidance of Marsha Eberhardt, President of the Fung Loy Kok Institute of Taoism. With Marsha leading the way, we practiced this ancient art steeped in the Taoist tradition and became acquainted with the experience of keeping still and following the heart’s intention. Participating in these programs is an invaluable privilege. The experience helps us to better understand Master Moy’s vision of making these Taoist arts available to all.

The practice hall was full for this special program. Over half the attendees were learning the set for the first time. Together we practiced the first part of Lok Hup Ba Fa, learning how to work from the feet, applying circular movements of expansion and contraction to engage the structure as well as massaging the muscles and tendons to prepare them for the opening and internal movement of the second part.

We closely followed Marsha’s demonstration of the movements and then, with smiles overcoming our puzzlement, our budding confidence growing, we went ahead and practiced. Lok Hup is an advanced Taoist discipline, as is the practice of the regular set. These two Taoist Tai Chi® arts shed much light on each other.

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