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The Dragon's Head Blog: Invitation to International Seniors’ Day Activities in Italy

If you happen to be in Italy during the celebrations for International Seniors’ Day, why don’t you come and share with us the events that we are organizing?  In Livorno on October 1st a number of demos, open classes and a lion dance will take place in different locations (public elderly centers, gardens, etc.) together with other associations, also engaged with senior citizens, on a volunteer basis.

Also in Florence, Rome and Enna the members (except those who will be celebrating at the South Europe Center, in Madrid) are going to join celebrations at elderly centers (which we have been collaborating with), giving demos and open classes and participating in other activities (a seniors’ chorus concert, a “healthy” tea break, a dance recital, among others).  Furthermore, on October 7th we will gather in Rome with all branches in the beautiful Piazza del Popolo, for the National Awarness Day, which will this year be dedicated to and focused on seniors (members, hosts, authorities).

We will keep you informed as soon as more details are available.

Meanwhile, take note on your agenda of our calendar and … think about coming and joining us.  We promise beautiful locations and great celebrations!

September 30th in Rome
October 1st in Florence, Livorno and Enna
October 7th in Rome, during National Awareness Day

<em>Taoist Tai Chi</em> Italy

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