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The Dragon's Head Blog: Sword Program Report from International Center Florida












The International Center Florida hosted the a sword program lead by Dr. Karen Laughlin, over the Memorial Day holiday. Over 82 participants joined in the fun. For many, this was their first workshop.

First-time participants reflect:
I took sword just to have fun. But it’s having an unexpected good effect on my lower back.
I was terrified and hopefully optimistic at the same time.
The days started with breakfast followed by chanting. Then sword practice would begin and at breaks there were wonderfully prepared snacks and meals provided by our kitchen team. Story time each evening brought a great depth of knowledge to participants before ending the day.
The USA annual meeting was held after lunch on the first day and was of great interest to all. Pegoty Packman, President of the USA organization, gave a quick update on the TTCS USA National Health Survey that was taken in 2016. Participants were able to review the findings and give feedback on what surprised them the most. The survey report, named IMPROVING HEALTH AND CONTAINING COSTS THROUGH THE PRACTICE OF THE TAOIST TAI CHI® ARTS, is posted online at
More information will be sent to all locations soon.

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