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The Dragon's Head Blog: International Center Florida Construction Update Jan 12, 2016

International Center Florida Construction Update Jan 12, 2016
Framing and strapping continues on the first and second floors. The SE wing framing is completed and strapping continues. On the second floor of the  NE wing above the kitchen, the sub-floor has been removed to expose potential termite damage to the floor joists.
 SE wing framcompFlRepairAboveKit
 Looking down to the base of the new elevator shaft, preparation continues prior to the concrete floor being poured by masons.
Elevator floor
Scaffolding is being erected to support 2nd floor and third floor while underpinning of the Lobby main support column takes place. The tree stump will be removed slowly during the underpinning process. The pouring of concrete under the current supports will start after the scaffolding is completed.
 Lobby scaffold
​Building C
Building C, First floor SE wing has been painted, floor resurfaced, and new windows are in place and ready to be installed.

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